Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Thaipusam to all Malaysians

Hi everyone and salam... i have not been not writing for quite sometime in my blog. I used to write ages ago. Till i couldn't retrieved back my password. And up, i had to create a new blog. Sigh.. wat a waste yeah.. anyway...am gonna start writing frequently ..hahaha..dont ask me how frequent i will write.. the point is am gonna write frequently and that's it... Anyway, i just wanna take this opportunity to wish all Malaysians especially my Hindu friends, Happy Thaipusam. I hope all of us can still leave peacefully with full of respect among each other. It is hurtful sometimes seeing how heartless some Malaysians can be... this is not how Malaysia supposed to be.. this is very wrong.. I hope you guys aren't like that.. we know the system of morality sometimes (well all the time? maybe) can go all wrong.. but should we follow it? U think...!